Long Term Evolution


The contents pages for the Long Term Evolution IN BULLETS book can be downloaded as a pdf document using the link below.

Contents Pages for 2nd Edition

The following samples are example extracts from Long Term Evolution IN BULLETS. These are representative of the style and level of detail throughout the complete text.

Please note that these samples are from the colour version of the book. The black and white version of the book includes identical content but is printed in black and white. All versions of the book purchased from Amazon are in black and white. Further information is provided on the Purchasing Information pages.

Sample 1 - Cyclic Prefix.
Sample 2 - Synchronisation Signals.
Sample 3 - Downlink Bit Rates.
Sample 4 - RRC Connection Establishment.
Sample 5 - Mobility Robustness Optimisation.
Sample 6 - Uplink Link Budgets.